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Our Mission

It is our goal to make your US-business better and more successful. If you are a foreign company that wants to start its business in the US, or a US-company with a great product that needs to build a market and their business, or you are simply a company struggling on the market that needs a turn around and become more successful, we can help.

What do all those companies have in common? - They need Sales and Income!

ColumBiz helps in two ways:

Many SME need to set up or boost their sales in the US to generate revenue, but have a lack of sales force. We help with direct sales, to build an initial market and to develop a functioning key account and sales management. It is our goal to establish a successful sales structure for the US company that generates annual revenue.

We can temporarily take on the general management and set up a company structure, an administration and a management. We establish processes in manufacturing, innovation, sales and marketing and make the company as efficient as possible to safe money and time and increase corporate income. After we built a working team and set up professional management structures we leave the company and if necessary engage an executive manager who can run the business.

If you need support in developing your US-business and generate sales and are interested in our service, please contact us FOR FREE today through our CONTACT PAGE and let us discuss how we can help you in becoming more successful with your business.