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Our Service

We handle everything needed to manage and grow our client's business and to develop the US-market.

We don't only advise,

we work for you !!!

Our main focus is business development and sales & key account management.

1) Establishing a Corporation

We take care of everything that is necessary to set up a company for our clients including a full infrastructure. We find the right company location and organize an office space, we register the corporation with the IRS and register with an international bank to be able to do financial transactions. We also take care of setting up phone, fax and internet service plus website service.

2) Business Operations & Administration

We also operate your US-company on a day-to-day base. We take care of incoming mails, invoices, tax related matters, finances, shipments of any kind, imports, telephone service, technical support, main contact in the US, and anything necessary to keep the business running. This service is especially interesting for foreign companies who want to establish a subsidiary in the USA.

3) Business Management & Business Development

We also manage your US-business on an executive level and take on leadership role to make the company most efficient. We implement a business structure and procedures for manufacturing, innovation, sales & marketing, quality assurance, etc. to maximize work force efficiency. Additionally we take care of human resources and building a successful team. Finally we also handle Strategic Planning,

4) Building Initial Market & Direct Sales

Our main focus is at the beginning direct sales. It is necessary to generate reference customers and an initial market. Most important is to get real feedback from customers to be able to develop a good sales strategy for the US market. To get sales started is the most crucial action in the starting phase.

5) Sales & Key Account Management

After a successful market entry and collecting enough information from the customers we develop a sales strategy how the products or services of our clients should be sold on the US-market. According to this strategy we build up a sales structure and manage all sales processes for our client's US-business.

Depending on the needs of the company we provide the following services:

Please contact us for more information.

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